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  • Why is this development a Condominium?
    Poplar Pointe Estates Condominium was created to share in the ownership of 50 acres of open green space, water and waste water collection and distribution pipelines, walking trail system with over 4 km throughout subdivision.
  • Who owns and maintains subdivision Road System?
    Roads within the subdivision are owned and maintained by Red Deer County.
  • What is the size of the lots?
    Size varies but are generally .5 ha or 1.25 acres. Lots this size provide enough area to build a large estate type home with room for a large accessory building.
  • What is the zoning?
  • Are there restrictions and criteria for designing and building a house on the lots?
    Yes. The bylaws set out the requirements for building on the lots.
  • How is the water supplied to the lot?
    Water for the subdivision is supplied by two water wells located within the subdivision. The wells are licensed by Alberta Environment and volumes are sufficient to supply all of the homes. Water from the wells is piped to the water treatment building where the water is chlorinated and metered after which it is directed to the distribution pipeline system. All lots have a water connection at their property boundary. Each house is required to install a water meter.
  • What is the quality of the water?
    Water is deemed of good quality by Alberta Environment Standards. No odour and tastes great! Chlorination is a requirement of any communal system and the plant is operated by a licensed operator pursuant to Alberta Environment Regulations.
  • What utilities are in the subdivision?
    Gas (Atco) and Power (Fortis) are at each property boundary. Cell tower (Telus) is very close with excellent coverage to wireless phones and high speed internet.
  • How is waste water from the lot handled?
    Each home is required to install a 10,000 liter waste water tank along with an Orenco STEP system . A connection to the waste water line is located at the lot property boundary. Waste water goes to the regional waste water line connected to the City of Red Deer.
  • Can I use an ATV on the Trail System?
    No. Trails are for walking only.
  • What is the 10 acre Municipal Reserve?
    This area is owned by the County and is open space in addition to the 50 acres of open space owned by the Condominium.
  • Can I build an accessory building?
    Yes. Current zoning (R-1) provides for buildings up to 2050 sq. ft. Larger buildings can be constructed as a discretionary approval by Red Deer County.
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